Serving Redondo Beach

John Gran Takes Oath of Office
John Gran Takes the Oath of Office

A Leader In the Community

A dedicated community advocate and volunteer, John is driven by his desire to give back to the City that has given so much to him and his family. That’s why he’s been hard at work for us for years, safeguarding our neighborhoods, advancing the well-being of our people and improving the health of our business community.

On April 4th, 2017, John became a Redondo Beach City Council Member.

Supporting Local Businesses
North Redondo Beach Business Association (NRBBA)
Leadership Redondo, Class of 2012
Leadership Redondo, Class of 2012
Budget & Finance Commissioner
Budget & Finance Commissioner
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  • On City Council, Serving the Residents of Redondo Beach and District 4

    • I ran and won a 6-month campaign, winning my election vs. two other candidates. 
    • I became a Redondo Beach City Council Member on April 4th, 2017. 
    • The first and third Tuesdays of every month, at 6pm, I participate in public City Council meetings. These meeting can go on until 1am at times, most are complete by about 10pm.  
    • 72 hours prior to the meeting, each Council person receives large amounts of reading materials (admin reports, contracts, background information) that must be read, researched and digested before the meeting begins.
    • I participate in Close Session meetings where the City Council discusses legal matters and negotiation strategies on behalf of the Redondo Beach residents.
    • During the City Council meetings, I must be ready to debate, comment and make decisions on behalf of the Redondo Beach residents. I listen to comments from the public, on all sorts of topics.
    • With the help of City Staff, I helped pass a balance budget for the City of Redondo Beach.
    • I hold monthly community meetings and talk with directly with the District 4 residents. We now get about 40 residents to show up each meeting – up from 0 / cancelled meetings for/with my predecessor.
    • I voted to create an EFID to finance the purchase of land on the AES site
    • I voted to enter a CCA to reduce Electricity Bills and keep monies local, serve as the alternate delegate on the CCA’s Board
    • I voted for and facilitated the $100k Storefront Improvement program for Artesia and Aviation Blvds.
    • I provided support for a ban on MHF that is used in the Torrance Refinery.
    • I serve on the Redondo Beach Olympic Sub Committee with Mayor Brand and Mr. Nerenheim
    • I’m working with Mr. Nerenheim to finalize the Veteran’s Memorial project and move it forward. 
    • I helped secure funding for the RB CERT Alumni to continue their support of the RPFD
    • I helped secured $500k in physical improvements for Artesia Blvd., including median upgrades, new signs, tree trimming, new light poles, among other items.
    • I helped, securec $800k to landscape the Edison Right of Way on the North and South side of Artesia Blvd.

    Please check back, this list will grow as I serve the Residents of Redondo Beach.

  • Kiwanis is dedicated to serve the Children of our Community and the World.

    The Kiwanis Club of Redondo Beach (commonly referred to as Redondo Kiwanis) is dedicated to serving the local community through various service and fundraising projects. Our club started in January 2018 and we are looking for opportunities to serve.  We are part of Kiwanis International, an organization serving Children and Local Communities for over 100 years. Chartered in January 2018, we are now 31 members and will be 50+ by the end of December 2018. 

    Check us out Online:

    Do you have program, charity or volunteer opportunity?  Come talk with us, we are happy to help!

    We’d love for you to come join us at one of our meetings or a service project. 

    We meet the 1st Wednesday & 3rd Thursday each month, 6:00p – 7:45p at Samba’s Brazilian Steakhouse at 207 N. Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach, CA 90277.  Click here for directions:

  • “If you want to understand an organization’s priorities, you need to understand how they spend their money.” 

    Redondo Beach CommissionerIn 2014, John became a Budget & Finance Commissioner to understand Redondo Beach’s priorities,  experience the budget process and familiarize himself with Redondo Beach’s financial details.

    He served as Vice Chairman, and facilitated commission meetings when required.

    Commission Functions Include: 

    • Meet bi-monthly with Treasurer and City Staff to receive, review, comment and approve mid-year and annual city budgets for City Council approval.
    • Receive, review, comment and approve Redondo Beach City’s investment policies, review the City Treasurer’s quarterly reports.
    • Participate in a joint meeting with the Public Works Commission to review, receive and file the City’s CIP budget and workload.
  • The NRBBA is dedicated to helping local business grow.  

    North Redondo Beach Business Association (NRBBA)In 2014, John was elected President in 2014.  He served as Treasurer since joining in 2011.  As President, he presides over Board Meetings and budgeting process, and runs the monthly General Meetings with 40+ attendees.  

    The NRBBA meets the 2nd Thursday of the month, 8:00am at the RB Public Library, North Branch.

    Please visit the NRBBA website at

    John leads the association in the following initiatives: 

    • Engage with City for restoring Artesia Blvd. back to Redondo Beach Blvd.
    • Engage with City for exploration into starting a B.I.D. (Business Improvement District)
    • In April and May, plan, organize and sponsor two annual community events:
      SpringFest – City “Featured” event, at the Performing Arts Center, 5,000+ Attendees.
      Walk About Redondo – Community event to promote walking and introduce residents and local businesses to encourage local shopping, co-sponsored with the Beach Cities Health District. 400+ Attendees.
    • Provide 2-3 annual scholarships to Redondo Union High School Seniors interested in becoming small business owners.
    • Increase NRBBA attendance.  Meetings are now seen as great networking opportunities and an important source of business and local information for residents and local businesses.
  • John & Cynthia have been Proud Chamber members since 2008.

    chamber-logoThe Chamber of Commerce helps local businesses through marketing, networking and providing training programs and support for the local business economy.  

    John’s businesses have prospered because of their association with the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce.  

    True to form, John has volunteered to take on increasing responsibility within the Chamber, to give back to this organization and the business community. 

    John has represented North Redondo Beach businesses on the Board since 2011, and was named to the Executive Board as Finance Chair / Treasurer in 2015.  

    As Finance Chair/Treasurer, John is responsible for the following:

    • Review and present the Chamber’s and Visitors Bureau’s budgets, sign checks, and address any budget questions from the RBCC Board members.
    • Assist and review the “true up” of the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) figures that the Redondo Beach City contractually collects and distributes to the Redondo Beach Visitor Bureau.

    As an Executive Board member:

    • Review Chamber’s contract with the City of Redondo Beach,
    • Review and finalize the Board agenda items.
    • Assist the Chairperson and CEO with issues that arise
    • Approve projects and resolutions for full vote at the Chamber Board meetings.

    John attends and volunteers for various Chamber Events, including:  Lobsterfest, the Superbowl 10k, Network Cafés and Annual Mixers.

  • Leadership Redondo cultivates and trains Redondo’s current & future community leaders.

    leadership-logoLeadership Redondo is a program designed to prepare a select group of individuals who live and /or work in Redondo Beach to become future community leaders. It’s an 18-month commitment.  

    Year one is devoted to intensive study about Redondo Beach’s resources, citywide vital issues and residents.

    For the final 6-months, the group completes a class project, to give back to the City of Redondo Beach.

    Leadership Redondo, Class of 2012:

    John served as Co-Project Leader.  He led his 22-person Leadership Class to raise $17,500 for a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) trailer for South Redondo.

    The project was delivered on time and on budget.

    Leadership Redondo, Alumni: 

    Inspired by the Leadership Class of 2004, John took their class project: “Speaking of Redondo” videos – personal testimonials about Redondo Beach – and created a website to present these important videos online.  

    Check out to view these videos. 

  • The Redondo Beach Round Table brings community leaders together.

    Established in the 1960’s, the Redondo Beach Round Table is a select group of community leaders, Redondo Beach City Personnel, Redondo Beach City Council members, RBUSD Board Members and business community leaders that meet quarterly to review and discuss significant issues within Redondo Beach.

    John was asked to join the RB Round Table in 2014 and regularly attends the quarterly meetings.

  • Looking out for Small Business.

    Appointed by 66th District Assembly Member David Hadley, John meets quarterly with the Assembly Member and when he needs assistance, to review small business-related California Assembly legislation and provide guidance and comments for the Assemblyman’s review.

  • “You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

    police-badgeThe Redondo Beach Citizen Police Academy provides community members with a working knowledge of the police department, along with the roles and responsibilities of its police officers.

    The goals of the program are accomplished through lectures, hands-on training, demonstrations and a ride-along with a police officer.

    Please click here for more information on the Citizen Police Academy.

    Participants meet for three hours, one night per week, for 13 weeks. The information covered includes:

    • Police Training
    • S.W.A.T.
    • Traffic Enforcement
    • Criminal Investigations
    • Police Patrol & Ride-Along
    • K-9 Demonstrations
    • Gangs
    • Vice & Narcotics
    • Crime Scene Investigations
    • Firearms and the Police Range
    • Police Dispatch & Communications
    • Pier & Harbor Patrol
    • The Jail & Justice System
  • Neighborhood Watch is an effective way to keep our City safe!

    rbcity_taglinelogo_linear_fullcolorThe Neighborhood Watch Program in Redondo Beach consists of active citizen involvement where residents, in cooperation with the Redondo Beach Police Department, directly participate in the detection and prevention of crime.

    John has been an active Neighborhood Watch Block Captain since 2009.  

    In 2015, John helped implement a new “business” neighborhood watch program with the NRBBA.

    As a Block Captain, John currently:

    • Engages neighbors by holding “meet and greets” at the green belt areas to educate neighbors on neighborhood watch.
    • Works with Neighborhood Watch personnel to attend meetings
    • Receives periodic Neighborhood Watch reports via email and sends to other residents.
    • Monitors to be aware of potential local issues.
    • Active Community Member of the Redondo Beach Parent & Teachers Association (PTA)
    • Member of the TedxRedondoBeach planning committee
    • Member of the Walteria Businessmen’s Club (Torrance)
    • Business Networking International (BNI) – Past President, Manhattan Beach Business Networking Chapter