Your Priorities are John’s Priorities.

John is an active and involved member of our community. As a volunteer with various business, civic and community organizations, he was already out there every day, working hard to make our city stronger for our residents and business community. 

Now, he’s your representative on City Council. 

As a longtime resident of District 4, John understands that we need strong, Effective Leadership and representation on the City Council.

For example, although North Redondo Beach generates almost 60% of City revenue, most City resources are directed to higher profile areas.

It’s time that changed.  We can do better.

Redondo Beach is addressing several significant, once-in-a-generation projects – projects that require broad perspective and long-term vision. We need strong, serious, prepared leaders to balance that growth with the needs of all Redondo Beach residents.

John has a proven history of fiscal responsibility, innovative success and effective, inclusive leadership we deserve at City Hall.

Priorities you’ve asked John to address: 

  • Support Police and Fire to protect our families and businesses.
  • Ensure the City and RBUSD work collaboratively to challenge and inspire students.
  • Repair streets and upgrade City infrastructure. 
  • Implement business-friendly initiatives and revitalize the Artesia corridor.
  • Demand Forest City implements a “unique, balanced growth” plan to ensure success, upgrade the property and attract major retailers to the South Bay Galleria.
  • Maintain a balanced budget and insist on transparent government. 
  • Advocate for the Los Angeles Air Force Base to remain open, securing 85,000+ local jobs .
  • Work for a smart, sustainable resolution to the AES power plant situation.

In his business life, John is relied upon to create, build, fix and operate complex projects and organizations.  He is now on City Council to help District 4 and Redondo Beach address it’s issues, needs and concerns.  

Please connect with John and let him know your priorities!

Tell John Your Priorities!