John F. Gran, Candidate, Redondo Beach City Council, District 4
John Gran: “Your Priorities are My Priorities!”

Why I’m Running

I love Redondo Beach and it has been very good to me, my family and my businesses.

As those close to me will attest, I show thanks through actions and deeds and I pay attention to facts and details.  True to form, as a ‘thank you’ to my community, I’ve become increasingly more involved in public service and the business community and I’ve come to better understand how Redondo Beach works.

What is now very clear to me, and ultimately upsets me as a District 4 resident…

We Can Do Better.  Much Better.

Watching our current Council member serve for 3+ years, I believe that District 4 is being under-served.  Our voice on City Council has been muted and/or absent, and our residents and local businesses deserve better!

District 4 and Redondo Beach need strong and Effective Leadership to address public safety concerns, establish and enforce “balanced growth” guidelines and properly focus resources to address our district and city-wide needs.

I’m running to provide Effective Leadership for District 4, and be Your Voice on the Redondo Beach City Council. 

What is Effective Leadership?

What is Effective Leadership?

“We learn from our past to understand our needs moving forward.”

Prior to 2013, District 4 elected Effective Leaders to serve on City Council.  The prior three: Steven Diels, Kurt Schmaltz and Bob Pinzler were all quite effective, served District 4 and Redondo Beach well and got things done.

Did everyone agree with their decisions?  No.

But, you could trust they would always:

  1. Be physically present and prepared to discuss facts.
  2. Listen to all opinions and convey that these opinions mattered and were considered.
  3. Do the hard work to make the best decisions possible for District 4 and Redondo Beach.

I understand these Effective Leadership qualities and, if elected, will use them to properly serve District 4 residents and Redondo Beach.

Moving Forward

Redondo Beach faces complex issues with promising opportunities that will impact our neighborhoods, families, businesses and schools for decades.  I will be open-minded, diligent and willing to think outside-of-the-box to meet the needs of District 4 and our City.

campaign-logoI will provide the strong, Effective Leadership that is needed to serve District 4 properly.

Listening to you, my mission is very clear: Strengthen Redondo Beach’s economic base by supporting our local business owners and attracting new businesses and jobs that can help enhance city infrastructure, services and facilities.  A stronger local economy improves our quality of life, ensures our schools remain top-rated, safeguards our public safety and fosters a vibrant community that we can all share and be proud of.

Your priorities are my priorities.  I will listen to your ideas, address your concerns and always be present, prepared and ready to fight for you. Together, we can do great things.

I’m running to be Your Voice on City Council.

I respectfully ask for your support and your vote on March 7th, 2017.

Thank you, and I look forward to speaking with you personally as I walk our district.  

John F. Gran
Candidate, Redondo Beach City Council, District 4

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